Kaltura Live Room: Create a channel for your room

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Kaltura Live Room: Create a channel for your room

Kaltura Live Room: Create a channel for your room

Creating the channel
Channel privacy
Enabling the live room
Adding users
Changing user permission levels

  • The first step is to go to video.leidenuniv.nl and log in using the button on the right hand top corner side of the screen.
  • Now that you have logged in the button you used to log in is now showing your name. Press that to open the menu options available to your account.
  • Select ‘My Channels’.
  • In the new screen please press the ‘Create Channel’ button. Or alternatively if you have already created a channel or have managerial rights on one skip the channel creation steps.

Creating the channel

  • To create a channel please enter the following fields:
    • A Title.
    • A Short description.

Channel privacy

Your channel is set to ‘Private’ by default and only a few users can set it to different modes themselves.

For most cases setting your channel to ‘Restricted’ is a good choice as this allows anyone with a ULCN that is logged in on video.leidenuniv.nl to find your channel and view its content.

If you wish to make your channel ‘Restricted’ please contact your faculty video coordinator to set it for you if you cannot do so yourself.

Please be aware that if you set your channel to ‘Restricted’ it is important to have AVG/GDPR and Copyright laws in mind when adding content.

  • To make the channel available to your audience you need to set a privacy level. Most users will only have ‘Private’ option available. Some powerusers such as the video coordinators will have other options as well of which we explain one we deem useful for many users below.
    • By default the channel is set to Private. This means only users invited to the channel will be able to join the channel and see its content.
    • The ‘Restricted’ level is good if you wish anyone with a ULCN login to be able to join your channel and see its contents. Please contact your video coordinator to change the privacy of your channel.

Enabling the Live Room

  • In ‘Options’ please check the box at ‘Enable Newrow Live Room’. This options is required to have your live room available to you and your users.
  • I would advise to uncheck the ‘Enable comments in channel’ option to avoid unneccessary clutter as you are going to use this channel for the Live Room only.
  • Once you have followed the above steps please press the ‘Save’ button on the bottom of the page.
  • After saving your channel you will be able guided to the ‘Edit’ page which will allow you to make some more changes.

Adding users

  • In the tabs above please select ‘Users’.
  • Now select ‘Add Users’ which is located on the right hand side of this page (near the top).
  • In the newly openend pop-up you can type user names. The easiest method is to type their ULCN name, or if unknown type their full name. Once you have typed in a name the available options will appear below. Select the correct user.
    • Repeat this proces for everyone you wish to add (with the permission level as selected below the entry field, you can always change the permission level afterwards).
      • Member: Can view contents but not add, delete or edit it.
      • Contributor: Can view but also add content.
      • Moderator: Can view content but also moderate user interactions (comments). User will also become a moderator for the Live Room!
      • Manager: Can view, add, delete and edit all content and the user will also become a moderator in the Live Room!

Please be aware that if you are set as a Manager or Moderator within the channel, you can initiate a Live Room session. Otherwise, you may only join a session if a Manager or Moderator has initiated a Live Room session.

Please note that students that have not yet logged into the system before will not be found! Do not continue adding them if you do not get a positive result as shown below:

  • To add the found user, select him/her in the results to add this person to your channel.
  • Once you’ve added users with the selected permission level and are ready to add them to your channel, press ‘Add’.

Changing user permission levels

  • Now that you have added users you can edit their permission level, delete them or set them as owner using the icons on the right hand side of the user table.
    • Pencil icon: Edit the users permission level (where you can see manager in the first image below this will become a pulldown menu, see second image below).
    • X icon: Delete the user.
    • ‘Set as owner’: Transfer ownership of the channel to this person (cannot be undone and will result in you losing ownership of this channel).
  • When you have pressed the pencil icon and changed that users role in the drop-down menu click on the floppy icon (where the pencil icon used to be) to save that new role (as shown below):
  • Please press save on the bottom of this ‘Edit’ page.
  • Please press ‘Back to Channel’.

Your channel is now ready for use! Please continue to the next sub-chapter to start using the live meeting room.