Training & Workshops

Remote Teaching

Training & Workshops

Training & Workshops

In order to support you in the development of remote teaching programs, there are various trainings and workshops offered throughout the university. In the overview below, you’ll find more information about these trainings and workshops.

Available trainings

Prepare for the new (online) academic year

For whom: Lecturers that are in the process of redesigning their program for the upcoming semester and are looking for additional educational advice.

How: Two online meetings in which you can get personal feedback on your questions and plans after you use the Roadmap to design your course. Per workshop a maximum of 20 people can apply.

Offered by: ICLON and Centre for Innovation

Link: Preparing for the new (online) academic year.

Build your own online community

For whom: Teachers, supporting staff, moderators and senior students

What: Learn everything you need to know about building and maintaining engaged online student communities for your course. This training covers making an action plan, deliberate design, theory & practice of communities, moderation techniques and evaluation.

How: A self guided training, that will take you about 4 hours. Q&A webinars will be available in August 2020 and are announced on the university website.

Offered by: Centre for Innovation

Link: Build your own online community

Personal and professional development - New Heroes

For whom: All university staff

What: The University encourages you, as members of our staff, to use and develop your talents. We do so by supporting you in your career and in your personal and professional development.

How: Online modules on 7 different topics related to personal and professional development.

Offered by: Leiden University & New Heroes

Link: Personal and Professional Development

Upcoming trainings

Trainings, workshops and resources that are in development:

  • Mentor training
  • Media Library byr SCM
  • Student wellness