Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you can find an overview of frequently asked questions. If you are experiencing issues with Kaltura, please check to see if there are any issues with Kaltura from their side. If you have questions that are not answered on this page, please take a look at the About and Updates page to see if your question is on the list of questions to be answered soon. If this is not the case, please contact us through so we can evaluate your question and if needed put on the list of things to do. Have you read the instructions and the FAQ but your question remains unanswered? Please contact the helpdesk

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Questions on:

  1. General questions
  2. Getting started
  3. Questions about performance
  4. Microsoft Teams
  5. Questions about features

General Questions

General Live Room problems without clear cause? Try this.

Ask attendees to always use Google Chrome as a browser when making use of Kaltura, and ask them to check their specifications via

What works best is to choose "Launch Live Room" from the platform (Blackboard, Brightspace or Video portal) where you created it. In addition, you can consult the manual and trouble-shooting website from the Leiden University Library
Troubleshooting: https://blogs.library.leiden.e...

How are students with a disability supported in remote learning?

Students with a disability can contact student center Plexus for support in remote learning. Please see here for more information: https://www.student.universite...

Can I use Microsoft Teams for teaching?

You can use Microsoft Teams for teaching. MS Teams is best suited for small and interactive groups. In addition, you can use Microsoft Teams for one-on-one conversations with individual students and collaboration with small groups, as well as for oral exams with an individual student. See the Microsoft Teams for Teaching page for more information.

Microsoft Teams can be used for working online from home, having meetings, calls and collaborating remotely with colleagues. Please, see here for more information: https://www.staff.universiteit...

Can I use Zoom?

No, Leiden University is using Kaltura Live Room and Microsoft Teams for remote teaching and working. More information on: https://www.staff.universiteit...

What other tools can I use?

Have a look at the tool overview to see which tools you can use. Tools that are not included in the overview in the attached link, are not supported by Leiden University. The use of other tools is at your own risk.

What information do I need to share with my students?

At the start of your class, it is important that your students know their rights, like turning their webcam on or off. If you choose to record your Kaltura Live Room, read this Privacy Guidance Note first. It is also useful to share what expectations you have of your students during class.

For more last-minute tips before class, you can visit the last-minute tips page.

For a PowerPoint presentation template with slides that inform your students at the start of class, you can download this PowerPoint file.

Getting started

How do I get access to Kaltura Live Room?

All staff in the following job categories automatically have access to Kaltura Live Room:

  • Professor
  • Senior Lecturer / Assistant Professor
  • Lecturer
  • Instructor
  • Researcher
  • Other Academic Staff
  • PhD candidate

It may be that you do not fall within one of these categories. Please see here for more information.

How can I change my profile picture in Microsoft Teams/Skype/Outlook?

Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business get their information from the main Outlook database, for this reason, you cannot edit anything within those tools themself. You can edit your profile picture in the following way

  1. Go to https://webmail.campus.leidenu...
  2. Click on the cogwheel in the top right corner and select Options.
  3. Click on General on the left-hand side to roll down a drop-down menu
  4. Click on 'My account'

Select your profile picture (empty) and you will be able to upload one yourself.

It takes a little while until Microsoft Teams and Skype also process your profile picture, but it should all synchronize eventually

I followed all the instructions, but the button "Enable Newrow Live Room" does not show.

If you cannot see "Enable Newrow Live Room" this is probably because you don't have the right to create a new Live Room. Not every staff member automatically has these rights, but teachers and selected support staff should have this right automatically added. Are you part of this group? Then you should be able to get access to the Live Room by taking the following steps:

  1. Sign in at least once to


  2. Request an account at the ISSC Helpdesk Portal: https://helpdesk.universiteitl..

Even if you have not been granted rights to create a new Live Room, you might need the right to mute/un-mute attendees, look over the chat and answer questions, or host your own section during a lecture. In this case, the teacher can give you access to the Live Room by following these steps:

In Blackboard and/or Brightspace:

In order to add moderator in your Live Room you need to add the user you want for this role, and set the role of that user to any of the following:

  • Marker/Grader
  • Teaching Assistant/Assistant Instructor
  • Instructor
  • Course Builder

For channels created on

Add a new user to the channel with one of the following roles:

  • Moderator
  • Manager

If you do not know how to add a new user or edit an existing user, please see here for more information:

Be aware that with the above roles also come certain rights and responsibilities. A user with a manager role can, for instance, edit the channel, and a course builder and instructor can edit your courses. Make sure to make clear agreements on what these users are and aren’t allowed to do.

I can not find my students and add them to the Live Room. Where are they?

You can only find students who have logged in once before via Once they have logged in, you will be able to find them. You can also decide to share the link to the Live Room instead of inviting them. The students can then join the Live Room themselves.

I get an LTI Error

When you get this error message chances are you have a special character in your channel title. Please make sure that you remove any special characters. This includes the use of the ampersand (&) sign.

I get a #23000 error, an OAuth error, or an LTI Error Occurred message when trying to launch a Live Room from one of my channels

Sometimes LiveRooms are not properly linked to channels. We are currently working on that issue with Kaltura. For now, it is best to try making a new channel with the proper settings and then enable Live Rooms. This usually resolves the issue. You can then delete the old channel.

Can I start a parallel session with seminar groups?

Yes. But to do this you cannot use Blackboard or Brightspace to set up the Live Room as this will only work for one session at a time. You should set up the different rooms through Check out the manual for details on how to do this. Afterward, you can put up separate links to parallel sessions on Blackboard or Brightspace

Can I give external people access to the Kaltura Live Room?

It is possible to invite externals to your Live Room. You can do this by sending them the "direct invite link". In the Live Room, you can find it under "invite". It also gives you the possibility to protect it with a password. This is something that should be done as it allows you to control who can access your Live Room.

What is the recommended way to get access to Kaltura Live Rooms?

You can only create 1 Live Room out of Brightspace or Blackboard. The best way to create multiple Live Rooms is to use the Kaltura Video Portal.

What are the system requirements for Kaltura Capture?

Be aware: Kaltura Capture does not work for Linux. Otherwise, Kaltura Capture minimum system requirements are Windows 7 to 10, 32-bit and above, or Mac 10.10 to 10.13., and requires a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.

What are the system requirements for Kaltura Live Room?

Minimum hardware requirements for Kaltura Live Room are

  • Windows 7 or higher (10 recommended)
  • Browser (up to date): Chrome, FireFox, Edge (Chrome is recommended)
  • Pentium 4 or more modern SSE2 capable processor
  • 1Gb of RAM

A Surface PRO 2 or Surface PRO 3 will also work. For a complete overview of minimum requirements in terms of internet, tablet and phone use see here

Which browsers are supported for Kaltura Live Room?

Kaltura Live Room works in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. Other browsers do not deliver sufficient quality or don't work at all. It is recommended to work in Chrome.

What kind of (software and/or hardware) do I need for remote teaching?

You may need the following:

  • A PC, laptop or tablet
  • Webcam/camera
  • Microphone

To use Kaltura Capture, you need to install the software. Please, see here for more information:

Questions about performance

The system is slow and error messages appear

Due to the excessive use of the system lately, it has suffered from overload and various error messages. In the meantime, several problems have been solved and improvements have been made. For updates regarding maintenance and bug fixes, you can consult the following website:

If the problem persists, you can create a ticket via the Helpdesk portal:


Students with a bad internet connection cannot follow Live Rooms properly. What can I do?

1. Let them turn off webcams, this helps with the management of bandwidth

2. Hotspotting through a phone is sometimes better than wifi, provided their data bundle is big enough

3. You can record your Live Rooms and share them on Blackboard/Brightspace afterward.

YouTube within Kaltura does not work. What is wrong?

We are aware of this problem with indeed YouTube video playback. We have two workarounds available for this.

For example, you can share the YouTube link in the chat, so attendees can watch it for themselves (with their microphone on mute, so the sound doesn't ring) or share your own screen and play the video there. With the latter option, there is a possibility that the sound doesn't go with it, so it's handy to turn on the subtitles just to be sure.

It is not a perfect situation yet, but we are working hard to solve the problem.

How can I improve my internet connectivity?

For tips on how to improve your internet connectivity you we refer you to the following document: Tips on internet connectivity

Microsoft Teams

Instructions to setup Microsoft Teams

To get more detailed information about setting up MS Teams you can visit the staff website:

Learn more about Microsoft Teams for Teaching here:

If you like to watch a tutorial first, this one will help you out (Dutch only):

How do I use the University’s Microsoft Teams if I already have a private office 365 license?

If you are already using Microsoft Teams you should sign out your private account and log in using (this is not the same as your email address!). Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to be signed in with multiple accounts.

How do I use two-factor authentication?

In order to access any of the Microsoft Applications (such as Outlook or Teams) you need to use two-factor authentication, either with an authenticator app or a text/call verification. More information about this new safety feature can be found on the staff website:

How do I set my Profile Picture in Skype/Teams/Outlook?

Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business all get their information from the main Outlook database, so that's the reason why you can’t edit anything within those tools themselves. You can edit your profile picture in the following way:

  • Go to
  • Click on the settings icon (cogwheel) in the top right corner and select Options.
  • Click on General on the left hand side to roll down a drop-down menu
  • Click on 'My account'
  • Select your profile picture (empty) and you will be able to upload one yourself.

It takes may take a little while for Teams and Skype to also process your profile picture, but it should all sync eventually.

Is it possible to show first names in Teams instead of initials and last names?

At this moment, no.

Do students also have access to Microsoft Teams?

Yes. Both students and employees have access to Office365, Microsoft Teams included.

How can I add students/colleagues to my Team?

  1. The search method
    You can add others by searching their student numbers or last name. This method is slow (one person at a time).

  2. The teamcode method
    You can generate a so-called ' Teamcode' for your Team that enables people to join your Team directly if they enter that code.
    This method is faster than "search method" but anyone with the code can add themselves. You still need to approve them (manage team>members>pending requests).
    1. You can generate/find your Teamcode in settings of your Team.
    2. After you share this code with your students, they can enroll themselves from the Teams-homepage.
    3. Once they pick "teams" on left, they need to pick "create/join team" on lower left, then pick "join with code"
  3. The link method
    By following the steps as shown in the screenshot, you are also able to share a link to your channel with your students, they will join automatically when they click it. Be aware that this is a much less secure method to invite your students, since everyone with access to the link will be able to join your Team.

How do I invite externals to my meeting?

During a meeting, you can copy the link to that meeting from the participants list to share with others via mail.

Is it possible to sort my students by name?

Currently, not. This option will not be available any time soon:

What is the difference between the browser- and the app-version of Microsoft Teams?

The app-version, where you download and install Microsoft Teams on your computer, is overall much more stable and provides extra functionalities for users in comparison to the browser-version. For example, when someone is sharing his/her screen during a meeting, you can take control over that screen as a participant if you're using the app-version. This is not possible if you're using the online/browser version. It's therefore advised to use the app-version of Microsoft Teams.

It is also possible to download Teams on your mobile device so you can get notifications when you're tagged/mentioned, answer calls and so on.

You can download and install the app-version by clicking on the button in the bottom left corner when you're using the browser version or via your phone app store. Also see added screenshot.

Questions about features

How do you use a breakout during Live Rooms?

Please see here for a useful guide from the supplier: Youtube: Breakout Your Newrow Smart Session

Is there any recommendation for a tool to conduct a poll during a Live Room session? E.g. to make sure the audience understands what has been explained so far?

The quiz-tool in Live Rooms works pretty well and is easy to use. But be aware that answered questions can be seen by everyone in the results [see tools/quizzes in Kaltura Live Room]. It is thus not anonymous for students.

Please, see here for more information on setting up quizzes and live assessments: Youtube: Create New Quizzes In Your Live Session & Youtube: Conduct Live Assessment With Newrow Quizzes

Is it possible to use a Live Room multiple times or to use multiple Live Rooms at the same time?

Each room is unique, for that reason you need to create separate rooms for separate groups. Your colleague can launch a Live Room at the same time, but that will then be a different room. All rooms can have up to a maximum of 100 people.

It is possible to use the same Live Room for different groups at different times. For example, we are now arranging the webinars for teachers for which we use the same Live Room each time, see here: https://www.staff.universiteit... Be aware that the same Live Room cannot be used for different groups at the same time.

What can be going on if none of the participants in the Live Room can see or hear anything?

This problem may be caused by teachers not being "live" themselves. If the Live Room is set up as a Webinar, then everyone who comes in is automatically not live, including the teacher(s). They will, in that case, see a green screen, and audio and video will not work even after it is activated. In the "participants panel", they have to click on the "live" button to go live and turn everything on.

With thanks to the faculties' ICT coordinators for their contributions.