Formats & activities

This chapter offers guidance on how common teaching practices can be transitioned to remote teaching. In addition, this chapter links these remote teaching practices to common tools supported by Leiden University and external sources.

This chapter provides an overview of different learning formats and activities, including some formats that you are already used to like lectures and seminars. Do note that directly translating these methods to digital education might not be the best didactical choice, and there may be digital alternatives that would work better for the learning goal you have in mind. We will share more information on the didactical considerations and design soon, which will help you choose which formats would suit your programme best. In the meantime, you can use this section as a modular overview of possible formats and activities that you can mix and match to reach your program’s intended learning goals.

For didactical and ICT support, please reach out to the support services at your faculty. If you do not know whom to contact within your faculty, you can visit the ‘Support at your faculty’ page on this website.