Getting started

Getting started with remote teaching might seem to be arduous work because it requires you to make changes to your teaching methods and way of communicating. But remote teaching also gives you the opportunity to brush up on your technical skills, learn about various didactic approaches, and how to apply these in remote teaching.

In this section, you will find the information needed to get started but first, we will discuss what you can expect when you start with remote teaching.

What to expect?

Working with Hard- and Software

You will have to work with both hardware (microphone, camera) and software, such as online communication and collaboration tools, and maybe even editing software. Fortunately, the software you are already familiar with such as Brightspace, Kaltura, Office365, and Microsoft Teams offers plenty of options to achieve high-quality remote teaching. For a complete overview of tools supported by Leiden University, you can visit the Tool Overview page on this website.

Reconsidering Didactic Design

You will also need to reconsider some didactic decisions, such as the type of teaching format you work with, to make sure to reach the course objectives in an online setting. This does not have to be tedious work, for remote teaching also opens the possibility to teach in different, and sometimes more interactive ways than you could before. In this section, you can find tips and advice on how to do just that, and what essential elements to take into consideration. In the Formats and Activities section on this website, you can find more in-depth information per teaching format.

Rethinking Communication with Students

Finally, you will also have to rethink your communication with students. Remote students are not able to visit your office nor do quick check-ins with their teachers after a seminar. Staying in touch through different means or channels is therefore important. For more information on staying in touch with your students, you can visit the Connect with your Students page on this website.

Below we have shared an overview of all the articles in this section. They will help you get up to speed. If you are completely new to remote teaching, we advise you to start with the Action plan Remote Teaching, in which you will find a step-by-step overview of how to get started. But before you do so, we advise you to consult Leiden University’s Code of Conduct on Remote Teaching which provides LU guidelines for students and teachers on remote teaching.