Create Live Room on videoportal

This manual explains how to create a channel on and how to enable it for Live Room usage.

  • Click on your name to open the menu-options available to your account
  • Select ‘My Channels’
  • In the new screen click the ‘Create Channel’-button

To create a channel please fill in the following fields:

  • A title
  • A short description

There are three global channel visibility settings:

  • 'Private': This means that only users who have been invited to the channel can enter the channel and see its content
  • 'Restricted': This ensures that anyone with a ULCN account can access your channel and see its content
  • 'Public': Contact your faculty video coordinator to make your channel publicly available
  • Go to the 'Channel Actions' in your Channel
Channel actions
  • In ‘Options’ check the box ‘Enable Newrow Live Room’. This option is required to activate your Live Room
  • Click the ‘Save’-button
  • After saving your channel you will be guided to the ‘Edit’-page which will allow you to add users to your channel
  • Select the tab ‘Users’.
  • Click ‘Add Users’
  • In the pop-up you can type user names. The easiest method is to type their ULCN name, or if unknown type their full name. Once you have typed in a name the available options will appear below. Select the correct user to add to your channel.
  • For every user you can assign a permission level:
    • Member:
      Can only view the content of the channel. A member can only participate in the Live Room
    • Contributor:
      Can view the content from the channel and can also add content. A contributor can only participate in the Live Room
    • Moderator:
      Can view and edit the content of the channel. A moderator also becomes a moderator of the Live Room and is able to start the Live Room session
    • Manager:
      Can view and edit all content of the channel. It can also remove users from the channel. A manager also moderates the Live Room and is able to start the Live Room session
  • Once you have selected the users with their permission level, click ‘Add’

You can also change the permission level of users already added.

  • Click on the pencil icon in the 'Actions' column of the user whose permissions you want to change
  • Select a new permission level in the 'Permissions'-column
  • Click on the diskette-icon to save your choice