Live Room tools and buttons

In this section explains all the tools and buttons of the Live Room.

  • The camera icon allows you to start/stop your camera feed
  • The microphone icon allows you to mute/unmute your microphone

To add files to the Live Room you can use the ‘Files’ icon. The following file types are supported:

  • Presentations — .PPTX
  • Video — .MP4, .MOV, .AVI, .WMV
  • Image — .PDF, .PNG, .JPG
  • Document — .DOCX, .PDF
  • Spreadsheet — .XLSX
  • Audio — .MP3

Adding large files may take a while. Videos and animations from presentations are not included when uploading

  • In the top toolbar, press ‘Files’
  • A pop-up opens where you can manage your Course Files
  • The file pop-up shows the following items on top:
    • A search field in which you can search the current course files. Select the option 'Global search' to search in all subfolders

    • An 'Add folder'-button to add a folder to your course files
    • An 'Add file'-button to add files to the course
  • When you add a file and select it. The tools in the top bar will show the following buttons:
    • Delete
    • Rename
    • Download
    • Share
  • Sharing a file occurs a few extra steps:
    • When you select a file and click on the 'Share' button, a popup will open:
  • Switch the slider to the right
  • The pop-up will change and show the following:
  • The generated link can now be copied and can be shared

When you have added your files to the Live Room, you have two options to show them:

  • Add to playlist
    • The files are being added to the playlist
  • Play
    • The file is being played directly

It is possible to select multiple files by holding shift and selecting these files.

When you click ‘Tools’ in the toolbar, the ‘Tools’ menu will open. The pane displays the available tools for your Live Room:

The tools will be explained in the following items.

When you press the ‘YouTube’ button you will be guided to a new pane where you enter a Youtube link that you can add to a playlist or play immediately as shown below.

The option 'Whiteboard' facilitates a Whiteboard on which you can draw and write.

The following toolbar is displayed when using a 'Whiteboard':

There are various options in the toolbar (from left to right):

  • Hide/Show active Whiteboards
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Pointer
  • Highlighter
  • The pencil tool
  • Rectangle icon
  • Adjust the width of your pencil
  • Insert an image: this will open the files pane which allows you to place an image on the whiteboard
  • Change whiteboard background
  • All the way to the right of the toolbar are the last two icons
    • 'Three dots' icon
    • 'X' icon
  • The ‘three dots’ opens another pull-down menu where you can:
    • Export your whiteboard (to use in another session or in a breakout room)
    • Import a whiteboard
    • Clear this whiteboard
    • Clear all whiteboards
    • Allow all participants to move objects created by moderators
  • The ‘X’ icon closes the Whiteboard for all participants

On the left-hand sidebar you can see the following:

  • The green ‘Active board’ is where you are currently working on
  • The ‘Add board’ button allows you to add new Whiteboards

Consult this link for a detailed explanation of all Whiteboard functionalities

Desktop sharing is a useful option if you want to show something to participants during the Live Room that is not easily displayed from the available tools.

  • To start screen sharing, click the 'Desktop Share' button in the tools pane
  • Click 'Start screen share'

Desktop sharing in Windows with Chrome

  • The popup below shows you three tabs:
    • Share your entire screen
    • Share only a specific application window
    • Share a specific Chrome tab
  • Once you've selected what you wish to share, click 'Share'.

Desktop sharing in MacOS

  • In case of Mac OS X Catalina or higher you will get the following pop-up where you will have to click on ‘Open System Preferences’
  • Select ‘System Preferences’
  • Select ‘Security & Privacy’
The System Preferences window
  • Select the ‘Privacy’ tab
  • Scroll through the left column until you find ‘Screen Recording’ and select it
  • In the ‘Screen Recording’ section, check the box corresponding to ‘Google Chrome’ and/or ‘Firefox’

Stop 'desktop sharing'

  • When you are done sharing your screen, go back to the Live Room and click the ‘Stop Desktop’ or ‘X’-button.
    • The ‘Stop Desktop’-button allows you to stop sharing the screen you selected and will show the selection pop-up again
    • The ‘X’ button will stop the desktop sharing completely

Attention: When sharing your desktop on MacOS, systemaudio will not be shared. Third party software is necessary to share systemaudio.

The option ‘Quizzes’ allows you to make short quizzes during your Live Room.

  • Click on 'Quiz'
  • Click the '+' button to create a quiz
  • In the pop-up you will see the following options:
    • ‘Enter quiz name’ input field
    • ‘Enter question 1’ input field
    • The 'attachment' icon, which allows you to attach a file to the quiz
    • The ‘Question type:’ pull-down menu:
      • 'Multiple Choice'
      • 'Multiple Answers': Can hold more than one correct answer
      • 'Open Question': Which is not scored automatically
  • Fill in the fields and click on the 'Save' button
  • To edit the quiz: select the quiz and click the 'pencil' icon to edit
  • To delete the quiz: select the quiz and click the 'bin' icon
  • If you want to add more quizzes, please press the ‘+’ button
  • After having added one or multiple quizzes to the list you have the following options:
    • ‘Add to playlist’: Which adds the selected quiz to the playlist
    • ‘Start quiz’: Which immediately starts the quiz
  • The last option is the ‘Results’ tab, here you can review the test results

The 'Video library' option allows you to add videos to the Live Room. These videos have to be uploaded in the 'Gallery' or in 'My Media'.

  • You can search through your available videos using the search bar
  • Select a video and click the ‘Add to playlist’ button to add it to the playlist. Or click the ‘Play’ button to play the video immediately
  • When you are done adding videos to your playlist, click 'Close'.

Attention: Currently interactive videos, multi-stream video and 360 videos are not supported.

The ‘Recording’-option allow you to record your Live Room session. In the pop-up you will have the option to set a recording duration.

  • The durations of recording are:
    • 30 minutes
    • 1 hour
    • 2 hours
    • 3 hours
  • It may take up to 3 minutes to initialize a recording, take this time into account when recording your Live Room
  • Once you've started the recording, you will see the following green bars:
    • 'Recording will start momentarily, please wait..'
    • 'Recording has started!'
    • 'Recording is finished and uploading'
    • 'File has been processed, and you can view recording inside recordings folder'
Recording will start momentarily
Recording has started
Recording is finished and uploading
File has been processed
  • Aside from the bars above you can also see a spinning wheel which gives you information when clicked upon
  • Once the recording starts a recording timer will appear in the toolbar
  • When your time is about to run out a pop-up will ask you if you want to extend the session by another 30 minutes
  • At the end of your sessions, you can stop the recording by clicking on the recording timer
  • This will open a pop-up, where you can confirm to stop the recording
  • Click ‘Stop recording’ to stop the actual recording
  • Once the recording has stopped and has been processed the following screen will appear
  • The recording can be found in your channel media

In a 'Breakout' Room, all participants can be placed in a separate room and they can independently hold small sessions. The number of Breakout Rooms is limited to 30 rooms, where the number of participants is divided.

  • To create Breakout Rooms, first click on 'Tools' and then on 'Breakout'
  • Participants can be manually dragged to the different 'Rooms' or you can choose to automatically assign them based on the number of rooms you want to divide them over
    • Click on 'Clear assignment' to unassign participants from Rooms
  • Click on the '+ Add room' button to add more rooms
  • It is possible to set a time limit for the 'Breakout' Room sessions by checking the box for 'Set time limit'
  • Click the 'Breakout' button to start a Breakout session or 'Close' to cancel the process
  • The Breakout Room has many of the functionalities that the joint Live Room also has, namely:
    • Share documents
    • Tools
    • YouTube
    • Whiteboard
    • Desktop sharing
    • Recording
    • During the session, a participant can call the host with the 'Call Instructor' button:

When a participant calls the host, the host will get the following notification on their screen:

Click the ‘Join’ button to be direct to their 'Breakout' Room. Once you have joined one 'Breakout' Room you get the option to switch between different rooms via a pull-down menu:

'Messages', 'Files' or 'Media' can be broadcasted to all 'Breakout' Rooms in the session. This option appears at the top of the browser window in the blue bar. Click the 'Broadcast to all rooms' button and select what you want to broadcast.

When you select to broadcast a 'Message' a pop-up appears where you can enter a message.

When you choose to broadcast 'Files' you will be presented with the following pop-up:

The 'Play in breakout rooms' button will become clickable once you have selected at least one file.

Play in breakout rooms button

If you want to broadcast media, you will see the 'Kaltura Media' pop-up that allows you to choose media from the 'Gallery' or 'My Media'. Click 'Play' to play the selected media in all Breakout rooms.

Once you are ready for the breakout session to end. Press the ‘Return to Breakout Manager’ button on the left. Or if you didn’t go into any rooms the ‘Manage Breakout’ button shown in the second image below.

Click the‘End breakout’ button in the ‘Manage Breakout’ pane to end a 'Breakout' Room session.

After a 'Breakout' session is ended, the files uploaded during the session will be stored and you can find these in the 'Files' pane.

Clicking on the ‘Chat’ button in the toolbar, views or hides the chat window.

  • When you open the chat window it appears as:
First time chat window
  • When you haven't entered a chat room and there are unread messages it will be shown as:
Chat room unread messages
  • If you are already in a chat room and there are unread messages it will show as:
Unread chats
  • Once you've entered a 'Room Chat' you will be shown a slightly different window:
Chat window after first time
  • There are 3 ‘Chats’ available:
    • 1. 'Live Room' chat
    • 2. 'Q&A'chat, this can be filtered on:
      • All questions
      • Unanswered questions
      • Answered questions
  • 3. Moderator chat, this chat is only visible and usable for moderators
  • In the window you are also able to press on the downward pointing arrow next to a participants name to:
    • Reply to their message
    • Start a private chat
  • Press the ‘X’ to close the ‘Chat’ window

The participants window is different depending on whether you are a regular participant, manager of the room or made moderator.

  • Clicking on the ‘Participants’ button in the toolbar opens or hides the participants list.

Participants from a regular participant point of view

  • As a regular participant, you only have permission to search through the participant list:
  • They can also see what type of device is used. The following user uses a computer as shown by the laptop icon

Participants from a moderator point of view

  • As a moderator of a Live Room, you are allowed to grant permission to users on a global or individual level. The global options can be found in the top of the participants' screen.
  • At the top of the black bar of the 'Participants' pane you will see a dotted menu
  • When you click on this menu you get the option to clear all raised hands

In the moderator options, you will see a search bar:

  • At the right side of the search bar, you can see four icons, these allow you to:
    • Enable Whiteboard
    • Disable chat
    • Mute or unmute all cameras
    • Mute or unmute all microphones
  • A participant that raised their hand will be both:
    • Put on top of the participants' pane
    • Show a raised hand icon behind their name as shown below
  • For each participant, there are three icons visible:
    • 'Live' button: Make the participant go live. If this button is red, the participant is live. If the button is gray the person is not live, click to set live
    • Mute/unmute their camera
    • Mute/unmute their microphone
  • It is also possible to grant permission on an individual basis:
More participants options
  • Once you've clicked the downward arrow the following options appear:
  • These rights include:
    • 'Set as moderator'
    • 'Set as captioner': the participant will be able to create live captions during a session that is being recorded
    • 'More permissions'
    • 'Demote to view only': The participant can not longer go live
    • 'Remove from room'
  • The 'More permissions' option opens a popup window with extensive options:
  • Press the ‘X’ to close the ‘Participants’ window.

Note that a participant cannot override these mutes and shutdowns. You will have to manually turn them on again for them to be able to communicate again.

With the 'Playlist' function you can create a playlist, where you can put videos and uploaded files in a queue. These are shown in the Live Room session.

  • You can search the playlist by entering a search query
  • You can rearrange the items in the playlist by dragging the items
  • To play an item in the playlist, click the item

The 'Notes' feature provides a place where moderators can take notes.

  • Click the 'Notes' tab to hide or show the 'Notes' pane
  • These notes can be formatted using the options in the small toolbar:
    • In bold
    • Printed in italics
    • Underlined
    • List: Bulletpoints
    • List: Numerical
  • To broadcast your 'Notes' to the session participants, click the ‘Broadcast Note’ button

The 'Invite' function ensures that people who do not have direct access via the video portal or Brightspace can enter the Live Room.

To invite people, click on 'Invite':

  • Then click on 'Copy' to copy the link to the Live Room and share it with the participants
  • There is also the option to send an invitation by email

Quick polls provide a way to get structured, real-time feedback from participants without the need to set anything up beforehand.

To launch a 'Quick Poll' click on the bar chart icon:

There are four poll types available:

  • Green check/ red x:
    For yes or no questions/ agree or disagree
  • Happy/neutral/sad:
    For sentiment polling
  • A/B/C/D:
    For multiplechoice polling
  • 1/2/3/4/5:
    For Likert scale polling

After selecting the poll option the poll launches for the participants. They see the reply options and are able to click their response.

Hosts and moderators see poll results coming in as participants respond to the poll. Results display as aggregated results with %'s on the number of participants that have started a poll as well the percentage reply distribution and indications of what each participant selected in the participant list as well as on their webcams.

When you are ready to end the poll, you can decide whether or not to share the aggregate results or not. Participants do not see what other participants have answered and do not see the results of the poll at an aggregated level unless the poll is shared.

Sharing results also ends the poll.

  • Click 'Share Results' in the quick poll
  • Quick poll results are now visible. Dismiss the poll by clicking the X

Click End to stop the poll without sharing the results.

To toggle your window into full-screen mode, click on the 'Full screen' icon:

To exit full-screen mode press 'ESC'. If that doesn't work there is also the 'Exit full screen' button in place of what used to be the 'Full screen' button:

An icon only visible to regular participants is the 'raised hand' icon. Moderators will see the participant with the raised hand on top of the 'participants' pane.

To leave or end a session in the Live Room, use the last icon in the toolbar. This is a red icon with a door.

Leave session as a participant

When you click this button you are asked to confirm that you want to leave the session when you are a regular participant.

When you have left the session as a participant you will be brought to the next window, which allows you to rejoin the session or close the browser tab/window.

Leave session as a moderator

When you are a moderator of the Live Room, you are asked if you wish to either end the session for everyone or just leave the session yourself.

Please be aware when clicking the 'End For Everyone' button, everyone will be immediately kicked from the session. Only a moderator can restart the session in the next screen.

A Moderator can turn off the video or microphone of a participant. See the example below:

To enable the participant's camera again, either you or the participant has to unmute their camera in the participants window by pressing on the muted camera icon.

Now the participant camera is enabled again. You can do the same for the microphone by using the microphone icon.

The 'Mute All Webcams' and 'Mute All Microphones' buttons can be found at the top bar of the participants list.

At the bottom left corner is a button that allows you to hide or show the participants' webcams. Hiding webcams can be useful if you have stability problems with the internet or your system.

Next to the 'Hide Webcams' button you have a button to switch between 'Gallery' and 'Carousel' view. This function changes the view of the participants at the bottom.

  • In 'Carousel' view you will see 5 participants in the picture and you can switch between the participants in the picture at the left and right side of the view
  • In the 'Gallery' view, all participants are displayed on the screen