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An overview of the different educational tools available at Leiden University


Not all online available tools can be used for hybrid teaching. If you're looking for specific information about video lecture tools, take a look at this page. If you're looking for specific information about all available educational tools at Leiden University, take a look at this page. Please consult your faculty’s support before using a different tool.

Students with extra needs can contact student center Plexus for support with hybrid education. For more information, read this page on this website or visit this page from Leiden University.

Microsoft offers many up-to-date training and support materials. Take a look to find the one that suits you best:

It is possible to invite externals to your Live Room. You can do this by sending them the "direct invite link". In the Live Room, you can find it under "invite". It also gives you the possibility to protect it with a password. This is something that should be done as it allows you to control who can access your Live Room.

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Teaching Support

This website provides information and support for Leiden University teachers and staff involved in hybrid teaching. It includes articles about the transition to hybrid and online teaching, an overview of the available educational tools, inspiring learning strategies, didactical advice, FAQs, an overview of the available support at your faculty, and possible training and workshops to follow. The information is updated regularly.