Remote Teaching

Enabling Leiden University staff to move teaching and examination activities online

Remote Teaching

This website provides information and support for Leiden University teachers and staff involved in remote teaching. It includes how to use tools like Brightspace, Microsoft Teams and Kaltura, as well as alternatives to these online learning platforms. You can also find recommendations for the best tools for different teaching formats and FAQs on remote teaching. Information is updated regularly with the latest information and FAQs. New tools and guides will be added as they become available, so make sure to visit regularly!

Remote teaching can provide learners with accessible, interactive distance-education.

New to Remote Teaching?

Are you just getting started with Remote Teaching at Leiden University? Then have a look at the article 'Action Plan Remote Teaching', read the Didactic Considerations, or look through the different Formats and Activities you can introduce in your courses.

This site is created and maintained by the Centre for Innovation and is supported by experts in several faculties and departments such as ICTO-coordinators, ICLON, ISSC, and UB. While currently focusing on remote teaching, we aim to provide more teaching support through this portal in the future. If you come across incorrect information or technical issues, please report them to

Check the latest updates and content upcoming.

Roadmap to flexible education

The Centre for Innovation and ICLON have produced a Roadmap for Flexible Education. The roadmap is for any teacher at Leiden University, and is a convenient and interactive text to consult in preparation for (online) education starting in September.