This chapter provides an overview of the different educational tools that are available at Leiden University. We will discuss video platforms, assessment tools, and tools to support course organisation, collaboration, and interactivity. Before you start experimenting with these tools, it’s wise to first evaluate your teaching program. You can find more information in the chapter Didactics & formats.


In most cases, the decision for using a certain tool to support your courses depends on what you want to achieve. Please know that there’s not always one right answer and going with what you and your students are most familiar with can be valid reasoning as well.

To read more about the different video platforms, consult this article to compare your options. For other decisions, checkout the tool overview or get in touch with support staff who can consult you in finding the right solution.

Please ask about or report technical issues through the ISSC helpdesk portal.

You can find the technical tool manuals about Kaltura Live Room here, for Zoom here, and for Microsoft Teams here.

You can find the manual about Brightspace on the Brightspace support site of Leiden University.

To request a webcam (with microphone), you can use this form in the ISSC Helpdesk. You pick up the equipment from the service desk before the lecture begins.

For more advice about the use of audiovisual equipment during lectures and presentations, you can contact your faculty's audiovisual service (AV service). If you need advice or support in recording and distributing lectures and videos, please contact your faculty's video coordinator.

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