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Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture

Extensive manuals on the use of Kaltura Capture can be found here. Or see here for a video on using Kaltura Capture. You can find a direct link to the LU Kaltura Video Portal here.

Kaltura Capture can be used in various ways to make recordings and upload these recordings to the videoportal. This allows you to record lectures from home and post lectures on your Brightspace course page.

Want to get started right away?

Please note that you first have to install an application before you can record a session. Check this link for more information.

How do I post a recorded lecture in my course page?

As soon as you save or upload your Kaltura Capture, it will be automatically saved in your Kaltura My Media. From here you can upload the video in your learning environment.

In case you don't have a course in Brightspace, you can share the link to the video in the video portal.