Enabling students to sign off for on-campus attendance

In order to gain insight in how many students you can expect on-campus and if you’ll need to offer a form of online education, a planning tool is available in your Brightspace course environment.

We want to deliver our education to all of our students in a safe and qualitative way. Leiden University is providing on campus education as much as possible, but not everyone will be able to attend each class physically.

How many students to expect in my classroom?

Using the planning tool, students can sign off for on-campus attendance in cases such as travel restrictions, quarantine situations, and risk groups. This to let instructors know how students will attend the course and enable them to allocate the course organisation by incorporating hybrid or remote forms of education.

  • Designed for students who are not able to join class physically, because of the situation around COVID-19. Once students are signed off, they can sign on again for upcoming course activities, if a changing situation allows them to. This infographic explains the process to your students. Feel free to download it and share it with your students.
  • Available in each Brightspace course by default after enabling the right language version.
  • Suggested to use at least during the first months of the 1st semester in 2021/2022.
  • Checkout the manual to learn more.
How many students to expect in my classroom?
How many students to expect in my classroom?


Brightspace planning tool manual

Consult the step-by step instructions on the Brightspace support website to learn more about enabling the tool and viewing the students’ responses


You can find the manual about Brightspace on the Brightspace support site of Leiden University.

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