Post-it parade

Students write their answers to a question on post-its and group similar answers together and/or assign them to categories.
  • Individual
  • Pairs
  • Small groups (3-10)
  • 5-10 minutes
  • 10-30 minutes
  • Creative Thinking
  • Discussion
  • Apply
  • Analyse
  • Create

When to use it?

  • When you want to identify how well the students have grasped the topic in question.
  • When you want the students to structure their knowledge or ideas.

Activity instructions


  • Choose a question or statement for which the students have to come up with ideas, solutions or answers.
  • Collect enough post-its to give to your students.

Activity steps

  1. Make groups
    Divide the students into pairs or small groups (or let them work individually).
  2. Hand out post-its
    Give every student, pair or small group a few post-its.
  3. Pose a question or statement
    Provide the students with a question or statement for which they have to come up with ideas, solutions or answers.
  4. Brainstorm
    Let the students brainstorm and write their ideas, solutions or answers on the post-its.
  5. Group the post-its
    Let the students group the post-its by topic, question, chronological order, etc.
  6. Discuss
    End the activity with a 5-10 minute plenary session.

Tips for implementation & variation

  • Online teaching: The subgroups can collaborate in breakout rooms and paste their post-its on the built-in whiteboard of the video lecture tool.
  • As a teacher, you can walk around the classroom (offline) or you can visit the separate breakout rooms (online) to hear what the students are talking about and help them if necessary.

Supporting tools