Throw a ball

Students pass an (imaginary) ball while answering questions.
  • Large groups (>10)
  • <5 minutes
  • Activating prior knowledge
  • Energizer
  • Remember
  • Understand

When to use it?

  • When you want to activate students who are normally less proactive in class.
  • When you want students to apply their knowledge.
  • When you want to increase interaction amongst students.

Activity instructions


  • Prepare questions (about the course content) to pose during the activity.

Activity steps

  1. Pose a question
  2. Pose a question or idea to the students.
  3. Pick a student
    Either pick a specific student to throw the (imaginary) ball to or randomly throw the (imaginary) ball to the class.
  4. Answer the question
    The student with the (imaginary) ball answers the posed question.
  5. Repeat the process
    Repeat the process, but in this case the student who has the (imaginary) ball can pick the new student.

Tips for implementation & variation

  • Online teaching: Instead of throwing an actual ball, you can call someone by their name and throw an imaginary ball.
  • Feel free to ask follow-up questions when a student comes up with an interesting answer.
  • Make sure every student had the opportunity to answer a question before throwing the (imaginary) ball to a student for the second time.
  • Instead of sitting down, you can ask the students to stand on their feet for this energizer.

Supporting tools