Brightspace is Leiden University’s Learning Management System (LMS). It is a gathering place where you can share all your documentation, communication, grading and other information with your students. It has also a lot of integrated tools and other options to enhance your teaching. For detailed information on all the possibilities within Brightspace, please visit the Brightspace Support site.

  • Teachers who want to get the most out of Brightspace.
  • Teachers who want to increase the active participation of their students.
  • FeedbackFruits for different types of interactive tools for (peer)feedback, assignments and discussion.
  • Discussion fora.
  • Peermark for peer reviewing papers or essays.
  • Rubrics for grading.
  • Pitch2Peer for presentations.

* Please keep GDPR (AVG) in mind with all these functionalities and check the use with your Data Privacy Officer. Do not store sensitive and/or personal data. Be aware you need to have permission from all participants beforehand if you wish to record an audio or video session.

  • Feedbackfruits offers different tools to support feedback, discussions and other interactive learning activities. FeedbackFruits has provided two webinars for teachers and other staff in which they provided a detailed overview and demonstration of all tools, which you can watch here and here. The FeedbackFruits Help Centre offers guidance and provides an overview of the FAQ’s. You can also ask your questions in their support chat.
  • If you want to implement Discussion Fora, please, look at this page for a detailed description on how to add them.
  • The following manual will help you implement Peermark in Brightspace.
  • How to add a rubric for grading can be found here.
  • A manual on how to use Pitch2Peer can be found here.


Brightspace support site Leiden University >>

The support website from Leiden University about Brightspace