Installing the video kit for hybrid teaching

This video shows how to install and configure the video kit (or "koffertje") for use in your digital teaching environment. It demonstrates how to set it up in your classroom and in Kaltura Live Room, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom (you don't need a video kit for Mediasite). Point the webcam towards the teacher for the best sound quality (at a maximum distance of 3 meters).

The video is interactive, which means that some items are clickable (such as choosing the language of the video) and you have to make choices during the playback of the video to find the appropriate content. Subtitles are provided in both Dutch and English.

If you want to know what’s available at your faculty or if you have any other questions, please contact your video coordinator.


Instructions for using a mobile webcam

Leiden University manual about creating video recordings of lectures with a mobile webcam

Video tutorial about setting up the video kit

Videoportal Leiden University


To request a webcam (with microphone), you can use this form in the ISSC Helpdesk. You pick up the equipment from the service desk before the lecture begins.

For more advice about the use of audiovisual equipment during lectures and presentations, you can contact your faculty's audiovisual service (AV service). If you need advice or support in recording and distributing lectures and videos, please contact your faculty's video coordinator.

You can reach out to the ISSC, either by calling (+31 71527)8888 or filing a ticket on the helpdesk portal. We advise calling when an answer is immediately needed. Or you can try to contact your faculty's audiovisual service (AV service).

You can find the technical tool manuals about Kaltura Live Room here, for Zoom here, and for Microsoft Teams here.

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