Students discuss a topic and are only allowed to ask questions.
  • Large groups (>10)
  • <5 minutes
  • 5-10 minutes
  • 10-30 minutes
  • Creative Thinking
  • Discussion
  • Apply
  • Analyse

When to use it?

  • When you want to energize students and let them step away from their computer or desk.

Activity instructions


  • When you want to discuss difficult or controversial questions.
  • When you want to discuss difficult texts.

Activity steps

  1. Explain
    Explain the game rules.
  2. Introduce
    Share the question prompt to start the Ques-cussion.
  3. Share
    Students can only share questions. These questions do not have to link to the previous question and if someone shares a statement he/she has to rephrase it into a question.
  4. Select
    Let the group select 2-3 main questions that they want to discuss..

Tips for implementation & variation

  • Online teaching: Students can ask their questions verbally or they can put their questions in the chat or on the built-in whiteboard of the video lecture tool, in a shared document or in Brightspace. Afterwards the students can vote on the three questions they want to discuss or you can create a quiz in which they can select their top 3.

Supporting tools