Kaltura Live Room

Kaltura Live Room is an online tool that allows you to hold interactive lectures, seminars and meetings with up to 200 participants in regular rooms and 350 in Large Live Rooms (with 25 people in view at a time).

In this environment you can (among other things) lecture using Powerpoint, Excel, Word, whiteboards, video, audio, share your desktop, quizzes and breakout rooms for group discussions.

Live rooms can also be recorded for later viewing.

Welcome to NR2

  • Anyone who wants to give interactive lectures/sessions with groups of less than 200 people.
  • Contact the video coördinator of your faculty for information on using Kaltura for bigger groups (more than 200).

Below you will find some of the ways Kaltura Live Room can be used for teaching:

  • Live rooms for interactive sessions or guest speakers.
  • Chat and documents functionality to have students ask & answer questions and for giving and receiving feedback.
  • Breakout Rooms in the live room for small interactive sessions or discussions.
  • Recording capacity to record lectures.

* Please keep GDPR (AVG) in mind with all these functionalities and check the use with your Data Privacy Officer. Do not store sensitive and/or personal data. Be aware you need to have permission from all participants beforehand if you wish to record an audio or video session.

  • Use & requirements: You will need a laptop or desktop computer, with a stable internet connection, a microphone and preferably a camera. You also need the Chrome browser. Tablets and Mobile devices are supported but offer a more limited experience, we firmly advise the use of a computer instead.

    Keep in mind that the application is heavy, especially for hosts, as such please:
    • Regularly restart your computer or laptop.
    • Close all other unneeded browsers, tabs and applications during a Live Room session.
    • Don't leave Live Rooms open for hours on end unless strictly required.
    • For more information check this manual.
  • Create a channel for your room:
    • Go to video.leidenuniv.nl and log in.
    • Click on your name to open the menu options available to your account and select ‘My Channels’.
    • Click the ‘Create Channel’ button and fill out a title and short description.
    • In ‘Options’ please check the box at ‘Enable Newrow Live Room’ (this option is required to have your live room available to you and your users)
    • Click save.
    • After saving your channel you will be guided to the ‘Edit’ page which will allow you to make some more changes.
    • In the tabs above please select ‘Users’.
    • Select ‘Add Users’ and type the user name (for example the student’s ULCN name) in the pop-up screen.

      For a more detailed description of the steps above as well as other useful information, check this manual.
  • Hosting your room: When you want to open your room, go to your channel or the Kaltura Media Gallery within your Brightspace course and click the Launch Live Room button. For more information, check this manual.
  • Using tools: During the session, there are several tools you can use.
    • The room mode option in your settings will allow you to swap between virtual classroom (a setting where you can see up to 25 participants for active participation where students are put on stage automatically) and webinar (where the moderator needs to manually make up to 25 people go live before they can participate with video and audio). Go here for more information on how to use different tools.
    • The Tools pane gives you the opportunity to use YouTube, Whiteboard, Desktop sharing, Quizzes, (Kaltura) video library), Recordings and Breakout rooms. You can check out this manual for more information.
    • For further functionalities within Kaltura Live Rooms, please check out the rest of the Using tools (1) manual, the Using tools (2) manual or the manuals on Analytics, files & attendance, Securing your live room or Troubleshooting.


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