Kaltura Live Room

Kaltura Live Room is an online tool that allows you to host interactive lectures, seminars and meetings with up to 200 participants in regular Live Rooms and 350 in so called 'Large Live Rooms' (with 25 people in view at a time).

In this environment you can lecture using Powerpoint, Excel, Word, whiteboards, video, audio, share your desktop, quizzes and breakout rooms for group discussions.

Live rooms can also be recorded.


Follow the steps in this manual to get access to Kaltura Live Room. If this does not work, it might be that you don’t have access yet. Please contact the ISSC Helpdesk to request an account.

Yes, you can record a session. If you choose to record your Kaltura Live Room, read this Privacy Guidance Note first. At the start of your class, it is important that your students know their rights, like turning their webcam on or off.

Their computers automatically go into sleep mode after not moving their computer mouse for a long time. They should change their sleep mode preferences or completely disable sleep mode in their computer settings.

It is possible to invite externals to your Live Room. You can do this by sending them the "direct invite link". In the Live Room, you can find it under "invite". It also gives you the possibility to protect it with a password. This is something that should be done as it allows you to control who can access your Live Room.

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