Kaltura Live Room

Kaltura Live Room is a webconferencing tool that allows you to host interactive lectures, seminars and meetings with up to 200 participants in regular rooms and 350 in so called 'Large Live Rooms' (with 25 people in view at a time).
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  • Video
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The Kaltura Live Room interface
The Kaltura Live Room interface

The teaching activities can be recorded and supported by a wide variety of interactive features such as breakout rooms, file sharing, chatting, quizzes, and a whiteboard. You can share a link to the fixed location for all course activities in Brightspace. For more information, have a look at our overview of the different video tools.

License available to: Whole Leiden University

Manuals and links

Manual Kaltura Live Room

Brightspace support site Leiden University

Manual Kaltura Live Room and Brightspace

Brightspace support site Leiden University

Instructions for making a video recording

Leiden University manual for recording your lecture with a mobile webcam, fixed camera or Mediasite recorder

Installing the video kit for hybrid teaching

Connecting the webcam in the video kit (or "koffertje") to Kaltura Live Room for hybrid teaching

Open Videoportal to start Kaltura Live Room

Go to Videoportal application