Students need to fill up their bingo card by collecting different objects from their house or the classroom. They can score bingo by collecting three items in a straight line (horizontally, vertically or diagonally).
  • Individual
  • <5 minutes
  • Energizer

When to use it?

  • When you want to energize students and let them step away from their computer or desk.

Activity instructions


  • Design a bingo card with nine boxes. Every box contains an image of an object that everyone has in their house or classroom.

Activity steps

  1. Show the bingo card
  2. Show the bingo card to the students, so they know which objects they need to collect.
  3. Run!
    When you say "GO!", the students can get up from their chair
    and collect three items that are in a straight line on the bingo card.
    The first student that comes back and shouts "BINGO!", scores bingo.

Tips for implementation & variation

  • Online teaching: Share a screenshot of your bingo card in the chat of the video lecture tool and let students collect the objects in their own house.
  • If you want to make it more personal, include objects on the bingo card that can be used as a conversation starter. Once the students have collected their objects, ask them to elaborate on their objects.

Supporting tools