Roadmap to flexible education

The roadmap is a convenient and interactive text to consult in preparation for (online) education. The roadmap covers three phases of course design: preparation, delivery, and final assessment. It covers topics such as media, structuring tutorials, assessment, student communities, and hybrid models of education. It guides you through nine essential questions to ask when designing a course. Each question comes with tips, suggestions, and additional resources. Click on the visual below to start your interactive roadmap journey. Or scroll down to download the PDF. You can also download the lesson plan.

PDF Roadmap

Making a remote teaching plan is a bit different from what you might be used to. But spending some extra time on preparation, delivery, and final assessment allows you to create a more sustainable program that can serve you for several years. Based on these three phases, there are a few things to keep in mind (for a more detailed guide please look at the Roadmap).


Not all online available tools can be used for remote teaching. If you're looking for specific information about certain tools, take a look at this page. Please consult your faculty’s support before using a different tool.

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