Microsoft Teams Live Events

Microsoft Teams Live Events is the webinar software of Office365, which supports up to 10,000 simultaneous passive attendees. Its primary purpose is as a broadcasting platform for large-scale conference and broadcasting events.

  • All staff of Leiden University and student associations can request a Live Event.
  • Teachers who want to give webinars with groups of more than 300 people with minimal interaction.
  • Organizing events for students or on a specific topic of interest to a large target audience.
  • A guest speaker with an attendance higher than 300 students.

* Please keep GDPR (AVG) in mind with all these functionalities and check the use with your Data Privacy Officer. Do not store sensitive and/or personal data. Be aware you need to have permission from all participants beforehand if you wish to record an audio or video session.

  • Schedule a Live Event: Due to capacity, limited concurrent sessions of Live Events are possible. Live Events can be requested through the ISSC Helpdesk, and need to be scheduled in advance. Scheduling of more than 1 week is advisable, and must be no later than 48hrs in advance. Due to limited capacity, requests cannot be guaranteed on short notice. ISSC will give your account access to Live Events for the hours you require, and you as a user will need to set up the Event. More information about setting up and organising a Live Event can be found on this help desk portal page. Or you can view this video on scheduling a live event or this video on how to run a Live Event from start to finish.
  • Request a Live Event: In the application to ISSC please indicate:
    • Who is the producer (support staff).
    • Who are the presenters (speakers).
    • Date and time of the event.
  • Support: The help desk of the ISSC can assist with the further design of the Live Event, but the user has to do the actual further creation of the setting.
  • Keep in mind:
    • Interaction, discussion, and user visibility is very limited in Live Events.
    • As a broadcasting/streaming platform, there is a broadcast delay of roughly 30 seconds.
    • Live Events require a moderator & producer, along with a presenter, to be beneficial.
    • Attendees cannot be seen by webcam, but can ask questions in the Q&A chat panel.
    • Live Events do not have breakout rooms.
    • To increase interactivity, presenters can use 3rd party tools (polling, etc.) but these are used outside the Live Event and can then displayed by the presenter.


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