Roadmap to flexible education

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Roadmap to flexible education

Roadmap to flexible education

The roadmap covers 3 phases of course design: preparation, delivery, and final assessment. It covers topics such as media, structuring tutorials, assessment, student communities, and hybrid models of education. It guides you through 9 essential questions to ask when designing a course. Each question comes with tips, suggestions and additional resources. Click on the visual below to start your interactive roadmap journey. Or, scroll down to download the PDF. You can download the lesson plan too.

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Additional support

Lecturers who want more support for their courses can apply to the workshop 'Preparing for the new (online) academic year'. The workshop consists of 2 online meetings in which you can get personal feedback on your questions and plans. Per workshop a maximum of 20 people can apply. For more information, please visit the workshop page.


Lesson Plan
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